Protecting mobility through life’s little bumps

Service Solution providers across India for a variety of consumer electronics
  • Who we are ?

    Founded in 2003 by Indian entrepreneur Abhishek Lachhirmka, Infotel Services is a high tech brand specialising in the express repair of smartphones, laptops, television and tablets.

    The concept was born out of the clear need in the market for a trusted and specialised servicing solution for customers. This became our motivation to begin this venture, with Abhishek at it’s forefront.

    Since then we have grown into a team of over 200 employees, and are present across India with over 100 service centres, with a dominant presence in the Eastern India.

  • What we do ?

    We repair all major brands of smartphones, laptops, televisions and tablets: Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Apple, LG, BlackBerry, and deliver to customers a swift, quality and standardised service, regardless of which store you use. We also install LED TVs , washing machines, refrigerators, CCTV cameras for leading online sellers.

    Whether you need a physical repair, have an issue with software or just want to get rid of your old device, our skilled technicians are here to address all your concerns.

  • Our Mission

    We understand the importance of electronics in people’s lives today and empathise with them, when devices no longer work as they should. We strive to provide a seamless customer service that gets it right quickly and effectively, while still being affordable. In short, we treat every customer as our first, and are committed to serving each one with innovative thinking, the latest technology, environmental friendliness and the highest standards of quality.