It was Abhishek Lachhiramka and his small team of visionaries who founded Infotel Services in 2003 in the tailwind of taking over global customer service and warranty operations of Major Mobile Brands. Abhishek realized the potential of how a platform-based service delivery model could disrupt conventional service setups and profitability gains by sub-contracting and consolidating service volumes into a specialized partner network and by intelligently orchestrating service operations by leveraging unified service management technology and the establishment of a central operations control tower.

Ever since, Infotel has dedicated itself to build a leading post-sales service platform connecting electronic manufacturers, customers and service networks across the globe and to become a full-service provider for best cost value-added logistics and technology support services.

Starting as a traditional Standalone Service partner in the customer service and mobile communication industry, we have made significant investments in our technology platform, vendor & fulfillment networks as well as service operation capabilities in order to expand our value proposition to end-2-end service solutions for all kinds of electronic products.

Today, Infotel Services is a provider of Managed Services in the area of value-added logistic and post-sales service for electronic products and provides a high variant of solutions along a client’s product life-cycle (from deployment, customer support, onsite support to central depot repair services).

Today, we support leading brands in various industries such as Xiaomi, Poco, Nokia,, Samsung, Acko General Insurance, Amazon, among other brands

We address typical service business goals

  • Time-to-market and geographical business extension
  • New levels of service experience from onsite deployments and walk-in services to central depot repair and advance exchange solutions
  • Optimization of total service and warranty cost


Abhishek Shaw

Abhishek is one of the oldest members of the initial infotel founding team. With over a decade of experience in the service industry, he is responsible for managing backend operations, finance, and compliance audits

Debsom Adhikary

Debsom began life at infotel with managing customers, but eventually grew with the organisation, and is today responsible for handling partners, and their business compliances. He handles service management responsibilities across the East for our post sales repair centers.

Kaustav Aich

The latest addition to the infotel team. Kaustav Aich with him knowledge in the e-commerce, logistics, and service operations. He currently handles logistics, client servicing, and backend operations for Infotel.