In today’s “always-on”, “consumer-centricity” and “customer experience is everything” world the level of support and quality of services you provide may not be why a customer chooses to do business with you, it’s often their reason for churning away. For most businesses, customer satisfaction is mission-critical to survival. That’s why we help brands to manage interactions between our clients and its customers, across multiple channels and deliver exceptional and omni-channel customer service experiences.

Infotel Services provides a wide range of customer support services, including remote technical support, customer service portals, order processing and management solutions as well as customer service consultants in retail environments.

  • In-store post-sales customer & technical support agents for clients products, devices or applications
  • Intuitive and customer-centric self-service portals incl. knowledge base (how to, FAQ) functionality, device RMA and return management or contact center integration for remote support (call-back, chat, email)
  • Order entry, back-office processing and order management support
  • Remote technical support: L1-L2 contact center solutions, remote device analysis and problem determination, onsite service coordination


Supporting critical infrastructure and devices has become more than just making spare parts available and performing efficient repair operations. Today’s clients seek more compelling and comprehensive solutions along the entire product post-sales lifecycle while gaining scale, innovation and taking out cost and management complexity from its product service processes. Worry-free product roll-out and in-live support operations are a key requirement nowadays to provide great customer and product usage experiences..

With our single-source approach, Infotel addresses these requirements by taking over the responsibility to setup, implement and manage critical post-sales supply chain processes for our clients. Leveraging specialized contract logistics and service & fulfillment partners from our vendor network, Infotel provides bespoke value-add service solutions from efficient warehousing and storage solutions to reliable order fulfillment and onsite deployment to efficient returns logistic operations – whenever your demanding technology product requires.

Being directly synchronized to your business needs we are all about getting the job done for you without zero fuss while providing full visibility into order transactions and fulfillment operations. Access anywhere. Anytime.

  • Care free order management
  • Real time inventory management
  • Full transparency through online order viewing anywhere, anytime, across all fulfillment channels
  • Bespoke warehousing and storage, shipping, picking and packing services for all types of electronic products
  • Domestic shipping
  • integrations to 3pL logistic partner systems
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reporting


Products don’t always sell as quickly as anticipated by businesses. There are some items that stay on the shelves for too long because of consumers’ lack of interest in them. So eventually, these approach the end of their life cycle without getting sold. Surplus or Excess stock and return products becomes a challenge to store over time, since many products have a low shelf-life, and dead stock equates to hold of capital. 

In order to overcome these challenges, we have partnered with major marketplaces, such as Flipkart and Amazon for the liquidation of IT and consumer electronics, as distribution partners, to purchase this excess stock from their warehouses, and distribute it into the market thorugh our network of wholesellers and retail counters for quicker liquidation of these bulk lots.

  •  Wide network of wholesellers and distributors in suburband and rural regions where majority of the demand rests
  • A retail network in Tier-2 and later cities for low to mid-premium segment equipments
  • Retail points for direct B2C sales, to obtain better margins


Infotel Services single-source approach is based on a multi-vendor product support and repair partner ecosystem uniquely composed to offer preventive maintenance and break/fix services either onsite, in customer walk-in service centers or high-volume backend repair depots. Partnering with leading repair and service companies specialized on multiple technology products, allows us to build, integrate and manage the right-fit service network for our clients in desired geographies. By providing a single point of contact, we enable our clients to simplify its repair operations and vendor management, achieve cost savings on labor by consolidating volumes or provide compelling onsite service and break/fix experience to its customers.

We deliver the full range of product support services covering both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair operations ranging from same-unit repairs, centralized swaps, as-new replenishment and, installation and maintenance of home appliances,and insurance replenishment services across all authorized service channels.

  • Combined expertise in diagnostics, technical support, repair, shop floor and quality management
  • Installation & Maintenance for White goods
  • Screen, Test and Repair (L0-L4)
  • Inventory and Work-in-Progress (WIP) Optimization
  • Scheduled Onsite Maintenance Services
  • Scheduled Onsite Maintenance Services
  • In-country and Cross-Border Product Repair Solutions
  • Refurbishment, Asset Recovery and Recycling Services